AASC a companion to VACPA

On 15 October 2020, official representatives of AASC Auditing Firm joyfully took part in the 15th anniversary of VACPA establishment and the fifth national congress (2020 – 2025).

After the introduction, meaningful repertoire " Ngàn ước mơ Việt Nam", a special gift performed by AASC, a Member of VACPA, and one of the first and local accounting and auditing company to welcome the congress.

Speaking at the event, on behalf of AASC, General Director Nguyen Thanh Tung has emphasized “corporate culture on service quality” as follows:

(1) Service improvement is one of the core values of AASC

(2) Cooperation with Big4, facilitating conditions for employees to obtain international Certificate in order to create advantage with Big4 in several jobs.

(3) In term IV (2015 - 2020), AASC has cooperated closely and effectively with other members, contributing to the development of VACPA.

The Congress elected AASC's General Director Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung as a member of the Executive Committee, Deputy General Director of Ms. Do Thi Ngoc Dung as a member of the VACPA’s Inspection Committee for the term of 2020 – 2025.

Mr. Ngo Duc Doan - AASC Chairman, member of the Executive Committee of VACPA term IV, suggested to change the name of VACPA to suit the development of accounting and auditing professional.

VACPA's Congress V was a great success. AASC committed to contributing effectively and pioneering in professional development activities of the Association and social activities, being one of the leading units of the Independent Audit Industry of Vietnam

Photos of the event:

2020 10 21 DaiHoiVACPA 01

2020 10 21 DaiHoiVACPA 02

2020 10 21 DaiHoiVACPA 01

2020 10 21 DaiHoiVACPA 01

2020 10 21 DaiHoiVACPA 01