On 30 October 2020, at Ho Chi Minh city, AASC branch in Ho Chi Minh jubilantly organized the conference on summarization of operation in the 13th fiscal year, directions and tasks for the 14th fiscal year. Attending the meeting were Chairman Mr. Ngo Duc Doan, Deputy General Director Bui Van Thao, Deputy General Director Ngo Minh Quy, Head of Audit Department 6 - Secretary of AASC Youth Union Mr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc, among others.

In the past year, AASC Branch in Ho Chi Minh made impressive strides in improving work efficiency and labor productivity. Total revenue increased by 17.1% compared to the 12th fiscal year. Especially, the revenue from audit of completed projects rose up by 60% compared to the previous year. This is a mark of success, affirming the Company's development strategy for the audit of project settlement report assigned to AASC Ho Chi Minh Branch in particular and the Company's units in general.

These achievements, not only the driving force but also a challenge for the upcoming 14th fiscal year. All members of the Board of Members operating at the Branch, staff of AASC Branch in Ho Chi Minh are committed to implementing the resolution of the Board of Members and the plan of the Executive Board in the 14th fiscal year to contribute to the overall success of the whole Company to welcome the 14th Meeting of AASC’s Board of Members and towards the 30th anniversary of AASC establishment (May 13, 1991 - May 13, 2021).

Although rejoicing with the success of the last fiscal year, AASC Branch in Ho Chi Minh still give support to people in the Central region affected by natural disasters. With the spirit of Let the whole leaf envelop the torn leaf, all the delegates attending the Conference and the staff of Ho Chi Minh Branch contributed, joined hands and shared pain and loss of the people in the Central region.

Photos of the event:

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