10 financial highlights in 2014

In 2014, overcoming loads of difficulties and challenges, Financial Sector has drastically and synchronously implemented solutions to financial and state budget missions which were set out by the National Assemble and the Government and achieved positive results which has shown important milestones in all fields. On the basis of achieved results, the functional units and the press agencies of Financial Sector have voted for 10 financial highlights in 2014, the PORTAL of Ministry of Finance will warmly introduce these highlights as follows:

1. Exceeding the estimated State budget revenue in2014 estimates, contributing to economic growth, ensuring security and defense, social security of the country.

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2. Having breakthroughs in administrative procedures reform in the fields of Taxation, Customs and State Treasury.

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3. Succeeding in developing financial legal system.

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4. Successfully issuing 1-billion-USD Government bonds to international capital market.

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5. Achieving positive results in price management, market stabilization, inflation control.

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6. 389 Nations Steering Committee was established in order to take part in preventing and fighting against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods effectively.

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7. The Ministry of Finance topped the ICT Index 2014 chart.

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8. "Restructuring the stock market" contributed in restructuring the economy.

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9. Insurance operations stabilized investment environment, encouraging the fishermen clinging to the sea and protect Vietnam’s sea islands.

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10. Inaugurating upgraded Construction WorkNational Martyr cemetery Road 9.

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Source: MOF webiste