Happy Lunar New Year 2022

2021, the second year that the world and our country have to deal with Covid-19 pandemic, has passed with many ups and downs, difficulties as well as challenges. However, for our company - for the employees of AASC, it was a very meaningful year, reaping many successes and victories. Along with the meticulous preparation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of AASC's establishment, as well as the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam independent audit industry (May 13, 1991 - May 13, 2021), we have achieved important targets of the Resolution of the 14th General Meeting of the Board of Members of the Company, successfully completing a number of targets in the 2021 plan assigned by the Company to Departments/Branches; Growth targets compared to 2020 include:

  • - Revenue from auditing and reviewing of financial statements
    - Revenue from accounting and tax consulting services
    - Revenue of FIS1, FIS2, KT2 Department, KT3 Department, Valuation Board, IT Department. Especially, the revenue of the Company's branch in Ho Chi Minh City increased in the 14th fiscal year

In order to ensure the good health of officers, auditors, and employees, in the absence of vaccines, the Board of Members, the Board of Directors of the Company has assigned the Executive Committee of the Company's Trade Union to promptly reflect their thoughts and aspirations to the Trade Union Board of the Ministry of Finance to register the employees to be vaccinated. At the same time, actively contact the hospitals of the Ministry of Health where the Company provides audit services and financial and accounting consulting services. With the attention of the National Children's Hospital, most of AASC's staff, auditors, and staff at Hanoi Headquarters and Quang Ninh branch have been vaccinated with 3 doses. This is a great source of encouragement for employees and relatives of the Company who love the Company more and more, the more they love the profession. Another very valuable lesson for the whole Company to strive to overcome difficulties and challenges, the more united, attached, and determined to complete the targets of the 15th General Meeting of the Board of Members; Successfully fulfilling the development aspiration AASC deserves to be the first established Accounting and Auditing Company in the country; “be an example, a role model in the Financial Industry”; is "the leading company in the System of Auditing Firms of Vietnam" contributing to the building of a socialist rule of law state. Closing a arduous year, the 30th and 30th years (1991 - 2021) of the Company's activities, the activities of the Digital Energy Industry. We are proud of AASC and have the right to aspire for a bright future and steady development of AASC. This glory belongs to the genuine workers of AASC, who love AASC, love the profession of Auditing, financial and accounting consulting, love the profession of Appraisal in Vietnam.

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger 2022, Chairman of the Board of Members Ngo Duc Doan, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company and personal feelings, sent to AASC officers and employees, colleagues and relatives, thanks and best wishes for the year with a new spirit, new determination, more success, more victory, best wishes for health, prosperity and all happiness.