FSG's 15th fiscal year year-end Conference: Together we make it happen

On November 13, 2022 in Hanoi, FIS and KT6 (FSG) jubilantly held a conference to summarize the fiscal year 15 and the business plan of the 16 fiscal year. The Conference was pleased to welcome Chairman of the Board of Members Ngo Duc Doan, Permanent Deputy General Director Do Manh Cuong to attend and direct the Conference.
FSG entered the fiscal year 15 in the context that the economy in general was still heavily affected by the pandemic, but the achievements in the year of the bloc were still remarkable. The whole block's revenue reached VND 47.7 billion, marking the first time having the highest revenue among the Company's business units. The ratio of net profit to revenue of the whole division is 27%, of which FIS1 is the highest in the financial sector of the whole Company with the rate of 30.2%. FSG is also a division with a variety of services provided, including tax services, accounting services, transfer pricing services, and financial consulting, with revenue from non-audit services accounting for the fiscal year 15 of more than 20% of total revenue.
The 15th fiscal year is the third year FSG officially operates under the block model, in which large contracts have the coordination of personnel of the whole block to optimize efficiency and help staff with diverse experience and expertise. service subject. After 3 years of operation, our model of mixing resources has been effective when the revenue of the block increased from VND 44.8 billion in TC13 to VND 47.7 billion in fiscal year 15, a growth rate of 106, 5% in the context of personnel hardly increased (in some stages even decreased).
Inheriting the achieved results of fiscal year 15 and 3 years of operation under the block model, at the Closing Conference, FSG's leadership also presented a comprehensive action plan for TC16 year with orientations: and a clear roadmap to realize revenue, customer, service goals and especially focus on human resource development along with a plan to upgrade (computerize) the service delivery process. The results achieved in the past 3 years in the spirit of "Combining strength - Connecting success" will be further promoted, spread, "joined together" to successfully realize the stated goals. out: “Together we make it happen”
Speaking at the conference, the Chairman of the Members' Council and the Deputy General Director in charge of the division congratulated and praised the results that FSG has achieved, effectively contributing to the overall achievement of the whole Company in the year. 15th financial after conversion. At the same time, he believes that for the term 2022-2027, the leaders of the three departments will unite to further organize the implementation of the Resolution of the 16th Congress of the Members' Council, develop a stronger block as the leading unit of AASC. The Board of Management believes that FSG will continue to promote its position as a pioneer, quality and professional department, the Board of Directors creates favorable conditions for FSG to fulfill its growth goals. In the long term, actively contribute to the sustainable development of AASC Auditing Firm.

tổng kết fis 1Chairman of the Board of Members Ngo Duc Doan, Deputy General Director Do Manh Cuong and all leaders of FSG

tổng kết fis 2

Deputy General Director Do Manh Cuong and Heads of FIS1, FIS2 and KT6

tổng kết fis 3

Chairman of the Board of Directors Ngo Duc Doan and all audit staff and FSG staff