KT2 jubilantly welcomes Christmas

The Christmas atmosphere has flooded into every corner with the appearance of sparkling pine trees, decorative items, and bustling Christmas tunes leading the members of KT2 dept. towards each other with sincere, warm feelings. Christmas is an opportunity for us to share our love, even if it's snowy or warm outside. In harmony with the bustling Christmas atmosphere of Hanoi weather after participating in the Company's 2022 Employee Conference program, the Youth Union in conjunction with the Union of Audit Department 2 organized the program "Gift-giving holidays" - Christmas Gift Exchange and Say Thanks "as a tribute to the people of KT2 who have tried to overcome many challenges to achieve the goals set out in the past year 2022 and look forward to a new audit season.

In the program, the members transformed into Santa Claus and gave each other lovely gifts that were prepared with enthusiasm and meticulousness to express their affection and gratitude to each other as well as sending greetings to each other Merry Christmas, prepare for a busy audit season with sincere and meaningful wishes.

More specifically, in addition to the gifts of the employees at the unit, the Audit Department 2 also gave small gifts and best wishes to the interns who were present at the office. Audit 2, received the wishes and statements of the interns about the working environment at AASC and also the eagerness of the interns about the upcoming audit season.

“My friend, Christmas season is here, how many layers are not equal to LOVE KT2”❤️

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