Chairman of the Member Board, General Director of AASC Auditing Firm informally met visiting Controller Management Asia of Entrepreneurs Du Monde

On the afternoon of 9th Jun, 2013, at AASC Auditing Firm’s head office, Chairman of the Member Board, General Director of AASC Ngo Duc Doan hosted a reception for Mrs. Jeanne De Guillebon, controller management Asia of Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM).

At the meeting, Mrs. Jeanne De Guillebon expressed the purpose to assist the poor in Vietnam and gradually reduce poverty and improve their livelihoods through lending, saving and training activities of EDM. Mrs. Guillebon also appreciated the qualified professional services of auditing, financial consultancy that AASC provided to “Anh Chi Em” Finance Program implemented by EDM in Dien Bien province, Vietnam. She also considered AASC to be a good and reliable partner of EDM and hoped to continue to cooperate with AASC in following EDM projects in Vietnam.

Chairman Ngo Duc Doan expressed his sincere thanks to Mrs. Jeanne De Guillebon and EDM for their consideration and cooperation exposed to AASC in the audit and consultancy engagement. General Director Ngo Duc Doan also stated that the objective of EDM projects to help the poor improve their lives is also the responsibility and strategic mission of AASC during 22 years of development along with business, consultancy and investment activities. AASC committed to enhance quality of professional services provided to EDM projects in Vietnam and hoped that the relationship between AASC and EDM will firmly develop towards the goal of community development and for a prosperous, civilized and glorious Vietnam.