Ten Milestones in 2015

We would like to introduce 10 milestones in 2015 of AASC Auditing Firm, closing successful and meaningful financial year.

1. Small and medium companies accelerated cooperation with AASC to develop and increase the fair competition, and customer’s belief and persistently increase revenue as well as auditing and consulting services quality. The small and medium companies cooperate with AASC so as the developments of independent auditing company and Vietnam Independent Auditing industry are acknowledged.
2. Boost valuation service
2015 marks simultaneously development of business valuation service for equitation purposes for some typical State businesses such as Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation, 36 Corporation, Military Petroleum Corporation , Pharmaceutical Corporation ... This is an important cornerstone for strong development and diversified services.
3. Intensive development and Valuation department establishment
Catching new trend 2015, AASC established new department specializing in valuation. Company successfully implemented several complex contracts with the cooperation of the Value Management Department- Ministry of Finance and Vietnam Appraisal Association, also marked the deeply specialization in valuation from 1 October 2015. Revenue for valuation services achieved growth of 253 % over the fiscal year VII.
4. Boost strategic cooperation with international training institutions
AASC Auditing Firm continues to tighten relations with the reputed International Training Organization such as CPA Australia, ACCA, ICAEW... to enhance staff quality, professionalize service quality and meet the stringent requirements of customers and international standards. At CPA Australia Career expo, AASC has attracted the attention of a large number of candidates and students, shared with the company in its efforts to fulfill the mission of national finances transparency.
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5. Revenue in fiscal year VIII achieved over 150 billion dong

Revenue in fiscal year VIII reached over 150 billion dong, increase by 10% compared to fiscal year VII. AASC continues to be in TOP 5 companies of Vietnam Independent Auditing Industry.

6. Successful Gala Night 2015

Towards the 25th anniversary celebration of AASC establishment (13 May 1991- 13 May 2015) and the HLB International Conference in Vietnam, AASC Auditing Firm held several events to celebrate and encourage the entire Board of Directors, staff, the auditors and employees of the Company so as to jointly contribute to the prosperity of the company. Gala Night 2015 has gathered and disseminated AASC’s spirit, demonstrated AASC’s culture, illustrated and highlighted the marked position of AASC in Vietnam Independent Auditing Industry.

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7. AASC Football Cup 2015

AASC football cup 2015 is one of events towards the 25th anniversary of establishment of the Company and HLB International Conference in Vietnam. The annual AASC football Cup 2015 took place in a spirit of enthusiasm and friendship between the departments and Branches of AASC. The cup left aftertaste for each player and others the happiness and belief that AASC will always be  perfect representative of Vietnam Independent Auditing Industry during 25 years of establishment and development.

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 8. Champion of Friendship Football Cup 2015

Responding to the activities organised by the ministries, departments and industry organizations, AASC had many achievements and won the championship of Friendship Football Cup 2015 hosted by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations. Participating this cup is an opportunity to promote relationship so as to mutually understand between the company and Ministries and the State Departments.


9. Completion of new office procurement in Hochiminh City

In 2015, AASC has completed the procurement of new office in Ho Chi Minh City at No. 9, Nguyen Khoai Street, District 4, Hochiminh city. It is expected that the new office of AASC in Ho Chi Minh City will be launched into operation before this Lunar New Year- Binh Than 2016. This is an important event shown bravery and determination of the Board of Members and Directors in promoting, spreading AASC brand extensively and nationally.

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10. Successful Board of members’ meeting IX

The successful Board of members’ meeting IX recognised the achievements of AASC during 8 years from the transformation (02 July 2007) from the State to two members or more companies, demonstrating the success and solidarity of Board of members. Accordingly, the Board of members has the strategic plan for AASC development to 2020 and vision 2030, spreads brand AASC in regional and international independent auditing industry and always deserves to be the leader of Vietnam Independent Auditing Industry. 

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