Hello summer 2022, FSG lights up the bonding journey

In the last days of May, when Ms. Ban was still attached and did not want to leave Hanoi, FIS and KT6 (FSG) together "escaped from the cold" spectacularly at the resort paradise of the white sand region of Quang Binh.

Although it has been operating under the official block model since TC13, along with the previous 2 years of trial operation, it was not until the middle of TC15 that FSG had the opportunity to organize a trip together in the spirit of a "big family". With the enthusiastic participation of almost the entire staff of the whole division, from Deputy General Director in charge of Do Manh Cuong, leaders of 3 departments, auditors to new assistants, we had a 3-day 3-night journey with many exciting Team Building activities, discover famous landmarks of the land known as the "kingdom of caves", enjoy bathing in Nhat Le beach, blue water, white sand, Experience the unique and rich cuisine of the starting point for the journey of cultural heritage in Central Vietnam.

Due to the impact of the Covid epidemic at the end of 2021, FSG has not yet held a year-end summary of TC14, so at the Gala Dinner of this trip, we also looked back on the successes that FSG has achieved in TC14 and towards the goals of business development and human resource development in the following years.

In TC14, the whole group's revenue reached VND 46.5 billion, contributing approximately 20% of the Company's revenue. The revenue growth rate of the whole sector is 10.5%, of which FIS1 and FIS2 are the divisions with the highest profit ratio and growth rate respectively in the financial sector of the whole Company. The average income of assistants, auditors and department heads all increased compared to the previous year. In the context of the economy being heavily affected by the pandemic, the achievements that have been achieved are very proud, and are also a clear demonstration of the common effective use of the bloc's resources, helping increase the level of learning, experience as well as income and contribute to maintaining the image of a department with diverse services, a professional and cohesive working environment.

Also on the Gala night, we together promoted teamwork in fun games, burned with enthusiasm with exciting collective songs, all 3 rooms merged into a unified whole - one FSG is united and full of life.

FSG's "Hello Summer 2022" journey went safely, achieving all the goals set by the Board of Directors for our first collective tour. The success of the trip has fueled the fire of cohesion among the members of the 3 rooms, continuing to cheer and encourage us to work hard, strive to successfully complete all assigned tasks in the year. TC15 and the following years in the spirit of "Connecting Strength - Connecting Success".

Some pictures of the trip:

fis 01

anh fis 4

fis 2

fis 5

fis 6

fis 3